Sewer Line Repair in Lakewood, CO: Residential & Commercial Sewer Line Repair Services

There are strange gurgling noises coming from your toilet, or maybe there is no water in there. Maybe there’s a sewer odor in the basement of your Lakewood home, or your yard is flooded. There are all sorts of signs that a sewer line repair is needed, we can run diagnostics to see where the damage is located. We’ll measure the extent of the damage and come up with a plan for sewer repair. Our sewer services will get your Lakewood plumbing back up to par.

What Damages Lakewood Sewer Lines

Sewer lines in Lakewood are subject to all sorts of damage. The lines themselves may have shifted in the ground. This can cause the joints to no longer match up, or the overall angle to be incorrect. Tree roots can crack and grow through the lines, or perhaps the damage is coming from inside the house. Grease and coffee grounds from the kitchen can cause clogs. Bathroom clogs can be caused by everything from dental floss to feminine products. Only human waste and toilet paper should go in Lakewood toilets.

Diagnosing for Sewer Service in Lakewood

Proper sewer line repair in Lakewood starts with proper diagnosis. We have cameras that can fit into your drains. They are equipped with LED lighting which work in conjunction with the high definition lens to go inside of your pipes to diagnose damage. The cameras are equipped with GPS, so if we find damage to the line, we will know exactly where it is located. Properly diagnosing your sewer repair in Lakewood is the first step towards a long term fix.

Lakewood Sewer Repair

Our sewer service technicians in Lakewood can repair lines from the inside or the outside, depending on the situation. From the inside, we can unclog with a drain opener or hydro-jetting. Our sewer line repair company also does pipe lining or pipe bursting if the lines are damaged beyond repair. Regardless of the level of damage under your Lakewood home, rest assured that we are the company that can fix your sewer line properly and for the long run.




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